Sometimes it is hard to hear God through the static of other things distracting me. But when I really need Him, He is always right there. And it has always been that way.

In Genesis 21-23, two very different people see God step in to provide just like He promised. For Hagar, it was in the middle of stepping out on her own. She had been given her freedom from serving Sarah, but sent away from the camp of Abraham with their son. And she and Ishmael almost did not make it. But God heard their cry in the wilderness, and He opened Hagar’s eyes to find water just as she was giving up. And they grew, and they made it in their new life.

For Abraham, the new life was savored. It was an unexpected pleasure to have a son to raise from his aged wife. And then God checked his commitments. Would he honor God first, or save his son? And Abraham had to climb up a mountain with his son, expecting to have to sacrifice him. Somehow, God would use this. Somehow, God would change this for good. Because He had promised it would be Isaac. And God stopped him from killing Issac with the knife raised. He provided a sheep, just like Abraham had said.

Jesus introduced Himself to a woman as the source of true life-giving water. And as they sat by a well, He showed her that, outcast as she was, there was a spot for her in God’s kingdom (see John 4). And later, carrying the wooden cross, He gave Himself as the Lamb of God. And all of Abraham’s children, and so many others, were saved.

Don’t underestimate God. Whether you are in the middle of the wilderness and do not see anything but sand, or maybe in the middle of giving up a blessing that you hold dear, God is working. And He will provide.

God, I’m sorry for grumping at You so much, fighting You. Thank You that You listen when I cry, and You give comfort. Thank You that You provide no matter what the day, and in the end, the happy ending is not a fairy tale. It is already written into Your story. Please help me take my eyes off myself, and share with others in what You are doing. Thank You for how You are at work even in the confusing places of the world. And in my life every day. Please help me see the well, and focus on the Lamb. Amen.


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