Family drama

My family was fairly quiet after my brother and I spent most of our time in separate rooms, but of course there was some drama. Abraham was told by God to leave his hometown and the majority of his family, but his life was filled with drama anyway. There are some important lessons we can learn from Genesis 12-15:

  • When on a journey that God endorses, do not lie about your wife! Abraham thought he was going to be killed, so he said, “she’s my sister,” and Pharaoh said, “okay, cool!” and took her to the palace. But God stepped in and Pharaoh sent her back and sent the family packing. That would not have been a fun conversation. Oh, hi, honey, sorry about that…
  • When having uncle-nephew drama, it pays to let your nephew pick his territory first. Over conflict with Lot, Abraham basically says, pick your side and I will pick mine, and we’ll have a little breathing room. Lot picks Sodom… And things are quiet for a little bit as Abraham settles into the land God has promised to give him…
  • When your nephew gets in trouble with the latest conquering kings, call out the cavalry! Or at least the trained men of your house. Abraham then offered gifts to God through Melchizedek, the king and priest of the city of Salem, rather than taking the credit himself.

And after all of this family drama, God promised to bless Abraham’s family with as many descendants as the stars. And the promise would be sealed by a covenant. If I were Abraham, I would have been a little worried. He knew his family’s track record. But he prepared the ceremonial animals by cutting them in half and laying them in a line to walk through with God, symbolizing the seriousness of their vow. They would keep the covenant or suffer the consequences. But before Abraham could walk through with God, he went into a deep sleep and God spoke to him. Then after sunset, a burning torch and smoking pot passed through the animals (God used a similar image of a pillar of fire to later show His presence with Israel). And God ensured that He would be responsible to fulfill the covenant with Abraham. Even though the family drama had only begun.

God, thank You for being so gracious to us. Thank You that in all of our mistakes and drama You never give up on us, but continue leading us. Please help me to seek Your plan, not jump out on my own, and please help me to be humble in my perspective of other people’s drama and mistakes. Because everybody has some, including me! Thank You for today, and how You keep Your promises! Amen.


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