What makes it stick?

I am still finding errant pieces of Christmas wrapping around the house. It is funny how we have gone from the security of paper and tape reinforced with string to the relatively insecure gift bag with paper floating on top. Granted, they are more convenient, but so much easier to peek into.

In Colossians 3, (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Col+3%3A12-17&version=ESV), Paul writes about the things that should bind believers together in Christ. Sometimes I tend to rely on a quick conversation each week as a foundation for my friendships. But in difficult situations, the real binding will be things that take a lot more effort: compassion to understand their situation, humility to keep perspective on your own, and forgiveness to the level that Christ forgave us. And the strongest glue is love.

So what do you use to stick your connections with others together?

God thank You that You stick with us through every situation. That level of friendship is hard for us to form with other believers. Please help me to not just have tissue-paper friendships, but seek connections that can last through the strain of life, connected by love. And that kind of love only comes from You. Thanks for giving us an example of superglue love in Your life on earth, and helping us now whenever we ask. Please help me show Your love to those I’m with today. Amen.


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