Beauty and glory

Beauty. Not a fairy tale or an autumn leaf that will fall. It is not even the memory of experiences that we hold tight, only to have them mold and rust in the damp attics of our minds. I long for the beauty that won’t fade.

Isaiah 60 speaks often of the beauty and glory of God. It speaks in language similar to the end of Revelation when the beauty of the earth is fully restored like in the garden of Eden. The earth is groaning, just like our souls, longing for the beauty that lasts longer than fresh flowers cut in a vase.

And God has that beauty. He will make His beautiful house more beautiful and His people beautiful as well. The text also says that He will make it glorious.

“Your people shall all be righteous;
    they shall possess the land forever,
the branch of my planting, the work of my hands,
    that I might be glorified.[d]”

But the footnote reveals that glorified also may be translated as “display My beauty.”

Glory always confused me. How do we give glory to God? In a way, this verse reveals that we can simply focus on the beauty of what He has done. The simplicity and elegance of natural laws or the process of salvation or the intricate harmony of life. God has infused the world with beauty…and He is the source of beauty that will never fade. Praise to Him.

God, please help me to better recognize and point out Your beauty in the world around me, including in other people. Amen.


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