Playing with the snakes…

How protective are you of children, your own or any kid at the playground? What would your first reaction be if you saw a toddler thrusting her fist into the ground next to a snake? Under Jesus’ kingdom, we won’t have to worry about that anymore. Can you imagine?

Isaiah 11 picks up right where Isaiah 10 left off…but while the Lord would lop off the boughs of the tree of Israel at the end of 10, new life shoots out of chapter 11. The Messiah would be given all wisdom and judge righteously. He would have the right knowledge, and the earth would be redeemed from suffering. No matter how beautiful the creation is now, it is groaning under the weight of sin (Romans 8:22-23).

Isaiah predicts the return of the exiled captives before the destruction happens! How happy would they be? Happy enough to break out in jubilant songs of praise! Chapter 12 records several of these. I often reign in my personal feelings, but I feel that the world would see a little more of Jesus if it was normal for people to break out in song. How excited do we get about what God is doing?

It was not until I had reread the chapter that I realized that Jesus’ wisdom comes from the Spirit of the Lord. And that Spirit is the same one living in me and other believers. Wow! Paul frequently wrote of the Church as the Body of Christ, composed of many people given specialties in different areas (1 Corinthians 12 is one example). But what could my life be like if I lived in delight of God? Delight is no so much a temporary feeling of happiness, but a satisfaction, like a long drink of water after a run. Do I delight in God?

God, thank You for who You are! Thank You for laying out the game plan before the plays even begun. Thank You for redemption and jubilation and the chance to share that with believers throughout the years. Please help me spread the word about Your great love. Amen.


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