When God is confusing

Isaiah seems to flip flop all the time. No sooner is God punishing sin, than He is promising redemption. Chapter 9 begins this way, promising recognition, joy, victory to people who seemed forgotten. They would not wander in darkness, but would have someone to deliver them, lead them, fight for them.

But they were not listening yet. And they were consumed and destroying themselves. And God was sending punishment.

But Assyria, the one punishing, was arrogant, believing that they could overtake Jerusalem just like anywhere else. But God had not decreed that destruction yet, and Assyria would understand that God still fought for the people who called on His name. They could only shake their fists at Jerusalem. And there would be a remnant.

When God allows destruction, my first response is anger. But He allows it to teach us, to show us how harmful the path is we are on, to prompt us to turn back to Him. And He never leaves us.

God, thank You for Your constant love, and that You are so much bigger and more complex than we can understand. You are love…please help me to praise You when I don’t understand what You are doing. Please help me to seize the promises that You never leave us. Thank You! Amen.


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