Lighthouses are beautiful on the front of sun-lit postcards, but they are not fully appreciated until it is very dark. I wonder if Isaiah was ever recognized for the truth he shared.

Chapter 8 shows how the life of his family was caught up in his mission, right down to his wife, “the prophetess,” conceiving a son whose name predicted the destruction of Israel as a nation.

Israel had refused the peaceful pool, and so God would send a  river crashing up to their necks, breaking every levy and leaping every dam. But the odd thing is that Immanuel is the one addressed. And the plans of the nations for destruction would be thwarted. Because God was with them. How crazy is that? Here they are almost drowning from their obstinance, and God is with them in it. All the way through history from a stubborn man and his kids wandering around in tents to a little backwater nation whose uprisings kept Rome breathing down her throat. God with them.

In the meantime, Isaiah was told to stand out…but honor the Lord as holy. He is the one who is right. And He is the One to fear, not man. Isaiah and his family were signs to the children of Israel who would not look to God, but only looked up, stared down, and walked into thick darkness.  They would not look to the light in their midst!

This little light of mine…will I shine it round till Jesus comes?

God, than You that You call us to a community life, not a solitary one. Please help us stand firm to shine in a very dark world, so that despairing people can catch a glimpse of Your light. Because You never leave us alone to our darkness. Thank You! Amen.


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