Walking through waves

There are times when God seems very far away. And there are times when He seems very close. And there are days where the two feelings are only a few hours apart. How do we live with that?

In Isaiah 7, Judah was freaking out because their enemies were about to come overwhelm them. Did God see what was happening? Did He care when tragedy struck their lives?

The message He sent by Isaiah to the king was, “Be careful, be quiet, do not fear, and do not let your heart be faint….” Be careful to not discount God’s power in a situation. Be quiet rather than screaming or frantically running around trying to solve the problem. Do not fear…do you know Who is on your side, or rather, whose side you have joined?

Ahaz did not take the offered gift of a sign. Amazingly enough, God gave him one anyway: the virgin birth and the hope of Immanuel. God would come be with them. In that day, their world would be small, poor, oppressed. But God would be with them.

I watched a little girl and her dad on the beach today, standing close by the wild waves. And they would jump back together and sometimes he would lift her out of the water’s reach, laughing together. God has our back. And He will be with us as life falls apart. And He wants us to not just survive life, but live in the freedom and hope He brings. What would it be like to actually rejoice in Him in the midst of the hardest places?

God, thank You for reaching into my day, for helping me see You in the middle of really hard circumstances, and helping me glimpse the kind of life You can lead me through. Please help me to rest in Your strength as I walk through the waves in the days ahead. Amen.


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