All working together

1 Corinthians 14

Pursue love… It is an adventure, a quest to learn to love! This is an ongoing thing.

Now back to spiritual gifts, specifically prophecy and tongues. Prophesy is better than speaking in tongues.

Tongues is a big controversy, either supposed to be a early church exclusive or an essential part of salvation. But what is speaking in tongues? Is it speaking an unknown earth language? But if no one could ever understand you without the gift of interpretation, what if it was more like a heavenly language (if you want more thoughts on this, my young adults pastor has developed a strong theory). Tongues, in any case is only a useful gift if they can be interpreted. God wants us to understand mysteries.

In the end, the point is to build up the church. Revelation, knowledge, prophecy, teaching. The mind is a powerful tool that God has given us to dive into mysteries.

If you want to show power of the Spirit, strive for a way to excel in building up the church.

Do not try to be wise in the world’s eyes. That begs the question of how much of culture is good to interact with, and how much should be left alone. What will help your witness? What will hurt your relationship with God and other believers? This is a matter for you and God.

Back at the beginning of the church, each person brought something to the service. It is an interesting way, as opposed to one group of people, or one person teaching everything else. On one hand, everyone Would contribute. Otherwise, chaos. But it needed to be orderly and build others up.

All this building of the church… What does it look like? There are many different gifts, many different means of teaching, learning, using your mind to engage and pursue a better relationship with God. Collaboration is a powerful aspect of life. A group together pulls greater weights than individuals. There have been so many people who thought outside the box. Some were Einsteins, but many were average people. Raw energy…the Spirit moving. God enjoying our discovery. Getting past the mundane of day to taste the eternal.

  1. What can He do through a group of people who just want to listen and learn and do something that is out of the ordinary? How can churches in America begin to weave unity into the independence that we love? God, please help me pursue this vision of unity and building the church. Amen.


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