Abnormal outlooks, and why you should have one.

1 Corinthians 2…just as God uses the weak things of the world, Paul did not speak eloquently to present the gospel. That would not be a good marketing strategy in today’s terms…I come in weakness, fear, and trembling. Ok, next! But God’s wisdom does not need man’s wisdom. Paul presented it instead “in demonstration of the Spirit and of power” – today we might call that a testimony. There is power in how God works that does not make logical sense, but can be seen in the simple stories of ordinary believers. How has He changed your life?

Among believers, God’s wisdom goes deep and wide! Paul says it was written into Creation from the beginning. Themes of love and marriage can be seen in Adam and Eve, human marriage, that gives a picture of the relationship that the Church will have with Christ when the world is made new. And God declared these things for our glory. What does that mean? Aren’t we supposed to give all glory to God?

Glory, according to a Google search, refers to

  1. 1.
    high renown or honor won by notable achievements.
    “to fight and die for the glory of one’s nation”
  2. magnificence; great beauty.
    “the train has been restored to all its former glory”
    synonyms: magnificence, splendor, resplendence, grandeur, majesty, greatness,nobility; More

So perhaps the Lord of Glory planted hidden truths into the fabric of the world for us to discover and gain from. This adds to our reflection of Him as those made in His image, and the investment of our effort makes the truth more special.

It’s true what Paul quotes (probably from Isaiah 64:6):

But, as it is written,

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
    nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love him”—

Go ahead, try! No one’s eye has seen as an eyewitness, or ear has heard from some distant tale, nor abstract imagination ever came close to understanding all of what God has planned for those who love Him… go ahead, try! Search the Scriptures, collaborate, discover the truths of this world, and marvel, because they are only the beginning!

Where do we get this hidden wisdom? We’re still in the world…but we have the Spirit of God. The only person you really know inside and out is yourself. And the Spirit of God searches the bottomless Oceans of God’s will. And we have been freely given this Spirit to us by God as a Teacher. I need to learn to pay attention in the class of life more often!

It makes sense that the world will think we’re crazy: we are operating on a different plane of living. We have eternity to live for, a backstory to draw from, and a different Master directing our lives, all laid out in the Bible.

I have struggled with this before: why should I care to stand out and make people uncomfortable? Because I have seen Jesus work to change my life. I see the wasting disease, and know where to find the cure. This poem says it well:

 When I Say I am A Christian2

You can also read it here.

God, please help me to be more like the woman at the well – showing other thirsty sinners where to find living water! Thank You for the treasures You have hidden in this world. Wow, and to have Your Spirit! Please help me to live in that truth, and share it! Amen.

(Start video at 1 minute).


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