Jesus on the road

Sometimes it is not fair who Jesus saves, or so I think. And then I am reminded of how much I have yet to learn.

The theme of “seeing” continues with Zaccheus, who suffered from a chronic height challenge (enjoy the classic song here, and a good retelling below). Jesus was on a way through Jericho. Zaccheus was a chief tax collector, which mean he had fought his way up the corporate ladder. But he wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed a nearby tree. And Jesus called him by name. Jesus saw something in him. While everyone grumbled, Zaccheus repented. And Jesus reminded them that this man was a son of Abraham also, a fellow Israelite (Paul later makes an argument that the true heirs of Abraham are not physical descendants, but ones who have the same character or faith; see Galatians 3).

Jesus started in on a parable next. Luke records that He was specifically telling it because they were near Jerusalem (where He would die) and they thought that the kingdom of God would come immediately.

A ruler went off to receive his kingdom (a reference to the Roman government giving them the governing position). Some disputed his appointment, but he received it anyway. His servants were each given a large sum of money to use while he was gone, and each was required to report back on how they had invested it. Some did well and were given larger responsibilities according to their capacity. One wasted the opportunity and was punished. How am I using my resources that God has given me?

Jesus entered Jerusalem to a big party, a crowd overjoyed, partying hard. And yet He started crying over Jerusalem who did not recognize God coming into their midst. They did not see Him, and the consequences of that would be severe. He cried over the city. He drove out the vendors and money-exchange booths in the temple and taught there daily, while the Pharisees bided their time to take Him out.

As fast as people cheer for you, they can turn on you. They see something they like one minute, and the next are your enemy. Yet I keep trying to please these people in how I choose to live.

I pray that God will continue to help me see better, and pursue His perspective. Maybe realize how short I am, and that I need to see at a different angle, like Zaccheus.


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