The Martha syndrome

I can “Martha” so hard. I’ve even earned the nickname “Mom” from friends for always carrying one of everything. And while I am very proud of my preparedness, I also kind of resent that no one else thinks of these details.

In Luke 10, Jesus told 72 of His followers to skip the details and just go, taking what they got on the way, and sharing what they had: news that Jesus was coming! The kingdom of God. They came back amazed at the power they had experienced over demons and illness…and Jesus told them to be amazed instead that God had claimed them as His instruments! Jesus prayed a prayer right then thanking God that He had revealed truth to these people who hadn’t gone to school for it or learned from all the best scholars. They were willing to listen to Jesus, something kings and prophets and so many believers had been longing for and anticipating. It’s a privilege.

It’s not that others did not know  the law. There was a scribe who laid out the greatest commandment as fast as the winning round of Jeopardy. Yet it was acting on the heart-soul-mind-strength that he lacked.

Which brings us back to Martha. Rushing around the house trying to get a good meal ready for Jesus (He’s really been on the road too much!) and His disciples (they always eat a lot!) and her sister is just sitting there enjoying Him, which of course she would like to do if there wasn’t so much to get done…

And Jesus calls her gently – don’t miss time with Me just to get a better meal on the table.

God, please help me to stop complicating life. Stop rushing and fussing, and enjoy where I’m at, go with the flo, and enjoy where You have me, surrounded by the beauty that reflects Your presence…seen in people, nature, kind words, music, life. Thank You! Amen. You’re beautiful.


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