Deal or no deal?

Luke 9 is a series of episodes, sequences of Jesus interacting with His disciples and others. It costs a lot to follow Jesus.

No buy: some people didn’t look past appearances, like the Samaritans. They viewed Jesus as just another Jew.

Free trial: Herod was curious as to who Jesus was…if John the Baptist was definitely dead, then who was this new guy? Herod tried to get a chance to see Him.

Penny for your thoughts crowd: these people were in it for the sensation, the cheap thrill, and wanted as much excitement for their money as Jesus would provide. But if He actually asked them to do something…

Risk management fund: The desire was there to follow Jesus, but “take up your cross?” That’s asking a lot! I have family responsibilities to take care of…maybe next year.

Long-term investment: The disciples had given up a lot to follow Jesus. But they still had some misconceptions in place. Who was the best? Why were other people not with their group, but still casting out demons? Those Samaritans rejected Jesus, so can we call down fire on them? Jesus kept giving them more chances.

Sold out for Jesus: Coming soon… Jesus told his disciples that He was going to die. They didn’t believe Him. He took three of them  up to the mountain and they saw His glory, and heard a voice from heaven: “listen to Jesus!” Shortly after, He again said that He would die. But it did not sink in. They were so focused on Him as the Messiah, that they were unable to conceive that God might have a different game plan.

Jesus was patient, but He kept showing the difference between God’s view and man’s. The gold standard was high. Few wished to invest all they had into His plan, but He kept offering. It still stands as the best deal, God changing our aluminum disks into gold. But it is a process of seeing the world differently. Praise God for second chances!

The cool thing is that for those who have accepted Jesus’ standard, God does not see us as incomplete, but as finishing out the essence of who we are: gold!


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