Luke 8. The more I read this chapter, the more I can see that I do not read the Bible correctly. I read it as sequential episodes that are great for weekly Sunday School lessons. I forget to read them as an ongoing narrative.

Here are some themes that I am seeing in this chapter, by no means am I going to hit them all!

  • Jesus had His followers. The Pharisees had theirs. He called for those who had not yet decided to make their decision, and invited them to His way of life.
  • Jesus wasn’t just about getting as many people as possible. He really cared about them. He cared about women, seen then as second class citizens. He cared about the sick and demon possessed who were normally avoided. He cared about the child, the woman with the blood flow. And He cared to pray, teach, touch, and listen.
  • Jesus had power! It attracted crowds, and was a tangible force in the world around Him – He felt it go out to heal. His disciples saw it work against the sea trying to swallow them whole. The demons recognized it and declared His deity. Yet so few others noticed it.
  • Jesus saw the world differently. He saw the heart, not the prestige of the person. He saw the potential, not how far they had fallen. He redeemed the demon possessed man and sent him out to preach. He did not neglect the woman who grabbed His hem in the crowd, nor did He give up a little girl for dead. The least was important to Him, and the heart that was attentive and eager to learn was the most valuable. He wanted His message to root, grow, and thrive in lives.

Once again, I see that Jesus saw the world differently. There are two sides: which will I pick? In my interactions, how will I respond to the people who are not names in society?

What do you see in this chapter? What does Luke shout out to you?


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