A day of questions

IMG_20150801_094842Some days are for listening. What if time with God is not limited to reading the Bible? Here are some of the thoughts I had.

This morning my roommates and I had a devotional time centering around three verses. They all played off the idea of water, and God giving life to things that are dead. He is not limited by what we see as possible in this world.

Terrified. I feel like we need a bigger view of God. I use that word to refer to so many things, yet none of them make me fall on my face, faint, or feel incapacitated at first sight (Daniel, Ezekiel, John in Revelations, and many others has similar reactions when they physically encountered a portion of God). God is a lot bigger than we honor Him for, and we tend to think of His resources in relation to a lake rather than an ocean.

How did Jesus respond to the people around Him? As Luke has shown, He confronted the dangerously powerful, corrupt people who claimed to represent God, and showed a lot of interest in people that society proper snubbed.

How does my response need to change?

As Jesus taught the near-coming of God’s promised kingdom, He confronted those satisfied with the job, status, life they had already, and forced people to adopt change or reject it. Lines were drawn, battles fought over and over. People had to choose sides. Am I too comfortable to change for God?

We will see where these questions go. What questions have you been asking? I pray that God will bless your searching with a journey towards Him. 


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