Luke 2: Timing

How is life so busy? I work, eat, meet a friend, do emails, and get to bed later than I wanted. Every day. Until the weekend, where longer projects squeeze into short days.

And yet I’m impatient. I have moments where I feel stuck in a circle like Winnie the Pooh, following the same tracks around a circle.

And then I put my hands on my hips and ask God what’s next. What is my big goal in life? And lately, the answer is “wait.”
Luke 2 is all about timing (you can read along here).

They are waiting for a Messiah. For this baby to be born. And then the Caesar, the king trying to destroy everything left of who they are as a nation, decides to declare a tax. Now?!

She had said “I’m your servant,” and he had agreed to marry her. They made it to Bethlehem. But a baby now? The Son of God? There was no family gathering at home, no special announcement to the neighbors. Was He really the hero about to save the world?

The fanfare of heaven, angels marveling in firecrackers of glory, came to the people out and awake: shepherds. There were so many animals around that night, and so few people.

They would find the Savior out back where the cows drool over hay. They marveled and spread the news. Why do I lose the wonder?

The first night passed. Mary and Joseph are now parents. They had nothing, but they couldn’t make that long journey back home yet. This baby boy was too fragile. What has God done, putting us in charge?

And yet there at the temple, their firstborn in the ceremony prescribed by Moses for all Jews. The priest had done it a hundred times, but this was their first. Such pride. Wonder, fear. And two old worshipers, waiting and watching, spotted the Child. His parents knew there was something about Him, it wasn’t just them.

And after the long journey, a glimpse of the glory, they go home. And have a house down the road from their parents. And the waiting began again.

Why do we only get to glimpse the glory? Or is it always present in a quiet form?

Years later they were close to Bethlehem. They were going to Jerusalem for the feast: memories, history, excitement and anticipation and crowds. And then they are tired after the feast. Trudging home, tired, old chores to do once they arrive. And Jesus gone! Finally they find him. The special boy who never gives trouble, He should be an example to His siblings. And nearly a man. And why are You here at the temple? You don’t belong among these wise old teachers. Or do You?

Jesus doesn’t think like we do. I keep forgetting. How does He think?
And He grew in wisdom. Obedient to His parents. I pray to grow.

Breathe in, breathe out. Timing. God has it. I pray to wait, to see what He is doing, what He is building towards. What is His plan for my day? Take a moment to breathe, enjoy, and listen.


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