Beginning with Questions

Asking questions is a dangerous pastime. They are problems that need an explanation, or at least a reasonable discussion. If you add more than one person, they can stretch on for weeks like a game of Monopoly. Some people use them as a recreational sport. I find them intriguing, but often exhausting.

Yet, I find that I don’t like life without questions. Why am I hungry? What outfit can I make out of these clean clothes? Why am I struggling so hard to “adult” right now? Why do people quote this Bible verse all the time?

I am a Christian girl who grew up in the church, who quotes Bible story trivia like a Lord of the Rings fan quotes lines from the book. And I am wondering why I get bored with it. Why do I struggle to accept it as the Word of God? Who is God anyway… some crazy dictator who gets distracted?  A benevolent friend? A Father? A judge? A king? What does that mean to me anyway?

Who is this Jesus fellow? Reading through the Gospels, He seemed to rattle a lot of cages. Why does He sometimes seem closer to a cardboard cut-out hero that I only read about? On occasion, I’ve seen crazy things line up in my life, and been amazed at stories from other Christ-following folks. I want to know what made Him such a powerful guy.

I’m frustrated with being a “good person.” What’s the point? I will not be able to impress people forever, and I’m bored of it. But that doesn’t mean I have to go to the other extreme and start trying drugs. I overdose with ice cream and caffeine plenty enough as it is. Distractions only feed the tangled knot of frustrations lodged somewhere in my small intestines.

Instead, I am starting a quest. I want to read the Bible every day, and see how it can fit into my life. What does this book have to do with my 21st century sleep-deprived, two-job, movie-watching, friend-shuffling life? I invite you to join me for questions as I seek to take an authentic look at the Bible as an overarching commentary on life in this world. I welcome your comments as part of a respectful discussion.

Questions are challenging. They twist what we think is normal and disrupt our routines. Yet questions allow us to imagine. To dream of a different way of life. A better set of habits. So what if this Jesus is alive and ready to work here in 21st century lives? What would that look like?

When you ask a question, who knows where it will take you! Sounds like a journey, a road going on to adventures, and a life that will never be the same!

The road goes ever on and on from the question where it began.
The road goes ever on and on…



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