Dangerous Dares

It all started with a resolution. Last January, I was getting restless, so I decided to talk to God about it. I’ve been a Christian for many years, have heard many Bible stories, and have even read through the Bible a few times. But I don’t see a life-change yet. So that’s when I decided to make a deal with God. I asked Him if He would start doing big things in my life, help me find a passion for something, and a purpose to pursue for the rest of my life. I guess I got bored.

Since then, I’ve jumped into a new job. I just thought the interview would be good experience. By the time they called me back the third time I finally accepted that it was a serious offer. I’ve formed some great friendships, when it just happened that someone needed a place to stay for a few months. In my Bible time I’ve jumped from commitment to avoidance, with a roller coaster of emotions in-between.

And its only July.

I want to share this journey and hope that my wrestling with fears and frustrations will encourage and challenge you to take a second look at your life. Then maybe a third. What would you change?

A new year, a new journey.
A new year, a new journey.

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